I teach individual and small group classes in my studios in Boulder, Colorado and Vancouver, B.C.  Generally, I am available in Vancouver from January through April and July through August.   I am in Boulder from September through December, and from May through June   Classes focus on such issues as applied color theory, the creation of three dimensional imagery in non-representational painting and glazing techniques for the creation of atmospheric and intense color. 

Because my own imagery originates in my interaction with the painting process, I believe that all individuals hold within them unique rhythms, compositional propensities and color preferences that can, with proper training,  result in works that fully articulate their own vision and passion.  To this purpose, I strongly believe in the importance of obtaining a strong technical proficiency in the craft of painting as a means of affording the most choice  and scope for that vision.   Even Mozart had to learn to actually play the piano.

Beginning painters will find that my classes provide a solid basis from which to explore the creative potential of paint.  More experienced painters, wishing to expand their horizons  but wary of losing hours or days of work experimenting on something that might not work  will find that the glazing technique  provides them with the means of  taking "risks" without the actual danger of loss. 

If you are interested in classes please contact me by phone or e-mail as to dates, times and fees. 

Phoebe Greyson

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